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I wanted to make some new bushes for the HO layout of The Model Railroad Club that would look better than those made with polyfiber or clump foliage, especially up close. I think I came up with a method that is both cheap and easy.

Here's how to do it.



First, purchase a coco liner. I got mine from Home Depot for about $5.00.


Here's what the material looks like up close. Coco liners are commonly used in hanging baskets and planters.


Pull off some strands from the liner.


Then straighten them out like so.


Fold the strands in the middle and then twist the end together.


The end is secured with a little piece of masking tape, 1/2" x 1/4" will do.


Spread the strands and trim to the desired size.


After you have a bunch made up spray paint them black or dark brown.


Before planting cover with a heavy coat of hair spray and sprinkle on ground foam.


Drill a number of holes about 1/2" apart and simply place the bushes into the holes. Be sure to force them down far enough so that the masking tape is not visible.


That's all there is to it!




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