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More scenery projects that I have been working on at The Model Railroad Club.

Location: The ridge above Pittsburgh Passenger.

Project: Repair and replace damaged trees.

The trees here are so faded and yellow that it almost looks like Autumn.

First I sprayed most of them with Basil Green spray paint, after that some hair spray and a new coating of ground foam.

Then I replaced some of the damaged trees, added a few new ones and some bushes. All done.

Here's a sickly looking tree in Allentown. The trees on the ridge can be seen behind the station.

And here's the new tree. Beautiful!

The trees in this section of Pittsburgh looked worse than than they appear in this picture so I decided to redo them.

After the new work.

Another Pittsburgh section before...

And after.



Location: Ringoes.

Project: Repair and replace damaged trees.

Another section that looked much worse in person than it does in the photo. The trees have obviously faded and a few are broken but the dirt is less apparent, as are the three dead bugs I found there. The area along the back wall is very difficult to reach and I suspect it had not been cleaned in over a decade.

Same section after all of the old trees had been removed.

Here new trees have been planted along the back wall. All of the pine trees were re conditioned, saved and replanted but in different spots. The area closer to the front has been covered with tea leaves and is waiting for another batch of new trees.

The front section has now been covered with new trees and static grass has been applied to the foreground.

Junior club member Carlin Greenfield help me finish off this final portion by making about two dozen more SuperTrees.



Location: The ridge above Pittsburgh Passenger approach tracks.

Project: Repair and replace damaged trees.

This area is actually very close to the Ringoes area seen in the previous pictures. Once again here is a shot that shows the section with the old, faded and broken trees.

Same area after new trees added.

Now moving a little to the left. Before.

And after. That lone pine tree in the previous shot can still be seen if you look carefully.



Location: Trenton and Ringoes.

Project: Add new ground cover and replace damaged trees with new SuperTrees.

Here's the return loop in Trenton. Some of new static grass can been seen in the middle left of the shot.

Here the old trees have been removed. A couple were saved, reconditioned, reused and then replanted here along with about ten new ones.

The triangular section pictured here is a lift-out. The seams are hidden by polyfiber bushes.

Here the old trees have been removed and new ones placed on the lift-out section. The rocks visible in the previous shot were kept and some hiking paths were added, though they can't be seen in this shot.

Apparently the building floor and the layout itself has sunk about a half an inch since it was first constructed. This caused a visible gap between the backdrop painting on the wall, which did not sink, and the layout scenery. The gap can be clearly seen here and in the two previous pictures.

I filled the gap with clump foliage which you can see in this shot.




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