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More scenery projects at The Model Railroad Club.

Location: Jim Thorpe

Project: Repair and replace damaged trees, add new ones, add static grass, etc.

The ridge above Jim Thorpe with the old and dusty trees that have been there for a quarter century.

Same spot after the addition of static grass and some of the trees reconditioned.



Location: Ashland

Project: Repair and replace damaged trees, add new ones, add static grass, the usual stuff.

Well, I had a shot of this spot in Ashland before I did the new work that you see here but I erased it before transferring it from my camera to the computer. Doah!

A little to the right. This is a before shot.

And after.



Locations: Gilberton and Ashland

Some new bushes.

To see how these were made click on the "Making Bushes" page.



Location: Gilberton

Some of the ballast in the Gilberton Yard was not glued down properly.

Here's the same spot after all of the bare spots were filled in.

Some time ago I covered the Gilberton empty car yard with static grass so it was completely overgrown. I used mostly a Heki 6mm dark green blend and though I like the product, after a while I decided it didn't look right, not crummy enough. Time for a change.

First step was to lightly spray paint the area with a light brown color. I didn't want the area to look too brown so I tried to be very careful not to overdo it, a little misting here, some more there and so on. After a while I started to get a camouflage effect, it didn't look right. So a little more here and there, some from this angle, some from that, still looked like camouflage. So a little more and before you know it, guess what, too much brown!

Now I had to go back take some corrective action using Woodland Scenics green blend ground foam and some other static grasses. After a while it started to look right, nice and crummy.

The yard tracks in the original Gilberton yard didn't look too bad, except for the stains caused by spilled alcohol used to clean wheels. The problem was that the ballast color was so different than what was being used in the newer portions of the complex. It just didn't look right.

After masking the rails the yard was spray painted flat black. Additional dirt, grime and weathering was added later. Now the color of all of the yard tracks is more or less the same.



Location: Freeport Coal Facility

Finally, some new scenery! Here work is just getting started with masking tape used to begin the process of creating the landforms.

Next the tracks and the areas in between are painted black. It's amazing the difference some color makes.

Plaster cloth has now been applied over the masking tape.

Sculptamold has been applied over the plaster cloth, rock fomations have been carved in and basic color added. It's far from done but progessing nicely.

More work completed. The river foundation has also been raised a bit.

Ballast added.

More ballast shots. Notice the coal scattered about the yard.

Riverbank under construction.

In this shot you can see that a good portion of the riverbank has been completed. The rocks are Vigoro brand marble chips that I purchased from Home Depot. I got a 40 pound bag for less than $4.00.

Ballast added to the main.



Here's a short video that shows before and after shots of the scenery work.



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