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More scenery projects at The Model Railroad Club.

Location: Jim Thorpe

Project: Repair and replace damaged trees, add new ones, add static grass, etc.

The ridge above Jim Thorpe with the old and dusty trees that have been there for a quarter century.

Same spot after the addition of static grass and some of the trees reconditioned.



Location: Ashland

Project: Repair and replace damaged trees, add new ones, add static grass, the usual stuff.

Well, I had a shot of this spot in Ashland before I did the new work that you see here but I erased it before transferring it from my camera to the computer. Doah!

A little to the right. This is a before shot.

And after.



Locations: Gilberton and Ashland

Some new bushes.

To see how these were made click on the "Making Bushes" page.



Location: Gilberton

Some of the ballast in the Gilberton Yard was not glued down properly.

Here's the same spot after all of the bare spots were filled in.

Some time ago I covered the Gilberton empty car yard with static grass so it was completely overgrown. I used mostly a Heki 6mm dark green blend and though I like the product, after a while I decided it didn't look right, not crummy enough. Time for a change.

First step was to lightly spray paint the area with a light brown color. I didn't want the area to look too brown so I tried to be very careful not to overdo it, a little misting here, some more there and so on. After a while I started to get a camouflage effect, it didn't look right. So a little more here and there, some from this angle, some from that, still looked like camouflage. So a little more and before you know it, guess what, too much brown!

Now I had to go back take some corrective action using Woodland Scenics green blend ground foam and some other static grasses. After a while it started to look right, nice and crummy.



Here's a short video that shows before and after shots of the scenery work.



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